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The following dedicated server hosting companies offering Managed dedicated servers and Un-Managed dedicated server hosting depends upon your business requirements. Hosting companies allow users to purchase or rent a server with use of all it’s resources. Customers have full rights on un-managed servers. So they are responsible for server operations like software installations, server reboots and application installations. They can control OS and software installations. Managed services comes with the same resources like un-managed, but the company server admins manage the server on behalf of you. Choose the best hosting server company for your web hosting needs.


Liquid Web Dedicated Servers

High performance managed dedicated server web hosting infrastructure to power your site or app.
  • Complete Managed and Un-Managed Dedicated Servers
  • Providing the Highest Level of Performance and Security
  • Fully customizable and built-to-order with Linux or Windows
  • Complete SSD Storage (Best performace than HDD)
  • Resources Solely Dedicated to Your Web Applications



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Exabytes Dedicated Server Hosting Company Singapore

Exabytes - Backed by 18 years of solid experience, Exabytes powers its 100,000 worldwide customers

Location: Exabytes Network (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Paya Lebar 140 Paya Lebar Road, #08-02 AZ @ Paya Lebar, Singapore 409015Website: https://www.exabytes.sgPhone: +65-67272277

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A dedicated server hosting program usually means your site is the only website hosted on the server. With shared hosting, the quantity of disk bandwidth and space you’re allocated is restricted since there are many others sharing the machine. You’ll be billed if you exceed your allocated amount.

Sites Hosted on the Dedicated Server: Using a shared hosting package, you will find different businesses that host their websites on the host, right together with your own organization. A dedicated hosting program usually means your company is the sole user hosted on the machine.

Bandwidth & Disk Space: Using shared hosting, the quantity of disk bandwidth and space you’re allocated is restricted since there are many others sharing the machine. You’ll be charged more if you exceed your allotted quantity of bandwidth, and penalized if you surpass your level of disc space — like a utility. Even in the event that you’ve rather purchased tools, some hosts will include extra rules to punish you for having components like music or videos –no matter if you reach your bandwidth limit! With dedicated hosting, bandwidth and disc space are committed entirely to your company and its own host.

Dedicated Server Hosting Prices: Using shared hosting, the host’s resources are shared among many users — thus operating costs are split up among the consumers. This makes common hosting cheaper, and perfect for smaller businesses or companies just starting to establish their internet presence. Because a dedicated host is devoted solely to a single consumer, it costs more. However — there is a benefit! Having a dedicated server, you have a lot more operational flexibility to manage traffic spikes, personalize your server or set up specialized applications to fulfill your requirements.