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AAWP WordPress Plugin is the best option right now the best plugin for amazon affiliate API on your website.

Do you promote Amazon Affiliates through articles in your website, and are you using the official Amazon plugin for WordPress “Amazon Associates Link Builder (AALB)”? Well, the bad news is: Amazon stopped supporting this plugin and stopped working on March 9, 2020. Come on, and you have to find another option so that your Amazon affiliate links continue to work correctly.

Why did it stop working precisely on March 9, 2020? Just that day, the Amazon PA API 4 stopped working, and only the PA API 5 will work, and the plugin is not compatible with it …

What plugin do I advise you to use as an alternative to creating Amazon Affiliate links, mainly if you use the geolocation function? 

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin). It is a paid plugin, but it is worth it: it is better to pay annually to a trusted plugin that gives you support and does not stop working than to be every two by three having to change your affiliate links to work correctly.

What does AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) offer?

  • The plugin is translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French.
  • Dynamic text links
  • Product boxes with different variations
  • Automated lists (Bestsellers and news), comparison tables, and widgets
  • Display of individual product information (e.g., price)
  • Filtering and sorting of lists
  • Using AAWP functions within your theme
  • Flexible configuration through plugin settings
  • Geo-targeting for handling foreign visitors
  • Templates and styles
  • Templates in PHP
  • SSL / HTTPS support
  • Google AMP support
  • Annual support
aawp comparison feature
aawp comparison feature

The plugin works with the following Amazon affiliate countries: US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, and India.

It also has an interesting thing: you can create an event in Google Analytics to track clicks on your affiliate links.

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) Price?

You can sign up at the following link: AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin)

Original prices from a couple of years ago that are no longer in force:

  • For only one website € 39 the first year and then only 50%
  • For 3 websites € 99 the first year and then only 50%
  • For 10 websites € 199 the first year and then only 50%
  • For 25 websites € 299 the first year and then only 50%

Current prices (they have risen a lot):

  • For just one website € 49
  • For 3 websites € 129
  • For 10 websites € 249
  • For 25 websites € 399

The plugin will continue to work if you do not renew the license, but you will not receive updates or support. You may not need it if there are no security issues or there are no more API changes, or you don’t need new functionality. These plugins are usually relatively stable.

How to install AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin)? AAWP Tutorial

Well, very simple. You register on the website by buying a license, and they automatically give you access to the download link. Then you have to go to your WordPress panel > Plugins and install it by uploading the file.

Then a new section will appear in the sidebar that says “Amazon Affiliate,” and you will have to do several things:

  1. Put the license number of the plugin in the license tab and verify it.
  2. Put your API Key and API Secret in the Amazon API tab (the data of API version 5). If you don’t have them, you have to visit the previous link. You also have to put the affiliate country and your tracking ID or choose multiple stores.
  3. Check that your server complies with everything necessary for the plugin to work: “support section in the sidebar under” Amazon Affiliate. ” In case of not complying, you have to contact your provider.
  4. In the “General” tab, you can configure AMP support, the Shortcode you will use, and other options.
  5. In the Output tab, you will be able to configure how you want the products to look on your blog: title, price, evaluation, purchase button, etc., or add custom CSS.
  6. In the Functions tab, you can choose the templates you will use and if you activate Geotargeting.

And you already have the plugin configured. It has not been very complicated.

Main aawp shortcodes?

Now you have to start using it with the shortcodes that are proposed on your page :

[amazon link=”B00THKEKEQ” /]

[amazon box=”B00THKEKEQ” ]

[amazon bestseller=”mainboard” items=”3″ ]

You look for the ASIN code of your product on Amazon and put it in the corresponding field between quotes, or you put a category as in the bestseller section.

AAWP is one of the best wordpress plugin for amazon affiliate

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