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Your website deserves the best WordPress hosting because perfect web hosting is its backbone. Nowadays, hiring a good web hosting for WordPress is cheap, but you can make the wrong choice and ruin your project.

Fortunately, there are several perfect WordPress hosting providers at very affordable prices in the market.

Here we will see what those providers are, the best WordPress hosting providers that we have tried so far, along with valuable tips on how to choose the right WordPress hosting for your new WordPress website?

If you are in a hurry to get to the point and prefer a quick recommendation, valid for 99% of the cases, We will tell you to contact the domain and hosting together and follow the advice of the summary of results that comes in the next section.

And if you want to know the reason for our recommendations, everything comes in the rest of the article.

What is the best WordPress hosting? – The most recommended

WordPress hosting options with the best quality/price ratio that we can recommend are Webempresa, SiteGround and Raiola Networks.

They are because they have an excellent web loading speedexcellent technical support, take great care of security and include a free domain for the first year.

And in all these providers you have significant discounts for the first contract that you can consult in these links:

  • Discounts for Webempresa
  • Discounts for SiteGround
  • Discounts for Raiola Networks

If you want to squeeze the price a lot for whatever reason, we can recommend Hostinger and Ionos by 1and1. There are two options with very reasonable quality within low-cost hosting (which is usually of inferior quality) for what they cost.

Having seen the previous options, you will surely want to know which of these recommended WordPress hostings is the one that we consider the best choice of all.

It isn’t easy to choose a clear winner among the three, but we will tell you that Webempresa is the hosting of this blog. Here are the figures and SiteGround the hosting of our VIP Zone.

For many years, Webempresa has been providing us with impeccable service. Above all, when we have had problems (which we have caused ourselves with our gaffes), the support service has always responded by showing a very high level of competition. That is not easy to find.

As you can see below, many people underestimate support when it is critical because sooner or later, you will have problems or needs to solve. If you have a good team behind you that solves your problems and does not leave you hanging (as in many hostings), it gives a lot of peace of mind and saves you a lot of time and annoyance.

If, in addition, the services of the servers are good (as is the case), honey on flakes.

How to know if a hosting service is good?

The 10 most important criteria (in my opinion) that you should look at when choosing a hosting service are:

  1. That they offer you a refund of your money, so you can calmly test.
  2. With PHP and MySQL support (and with updated versions), WordPress does not work without them. It is the same in other specialized hostings, such as hosting for Moodle, for example.
  3. Good website loading speed and stability: A “normal” site should achieve around 10 seconds and uptime very close to 99.9%.
  4. Exemplary server configuration (such as CPU, RAM and processor speed to be considered).
  5. Competent technical support and good customer service.
  6. Specialized support option for applications according to your specific need (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, etc.).
  7. Good security measures. Above all, the frequency of backups (they should be minimal daily), anti-hacker perimeter security and protection against DDoS.
  8. Disk space and transfer (bandwidth) are usually more than enough in almost all hostings.
  9. Look at possible limitations (number of domains/websites supported, databases and email accounts, etc.)
  10. Special offers for the first time purchase (discount coupons).

4 Typical mistakes that you should not make when your are choosing a WordPress hosting.

Let us also tell you about four mistakes you should never make :

1. Look only at the price

When choosing a web hosting for WordPress, the main mistake we all make is getting carried away by the price and the advertising. And it also happened to us when we took our first hosting a decade ago.

We had no idea, WordPress, or hosting, or anything in this world. But the theme hosting and WordPress were new things for us.

We took a brand that “sounded like a lot” to us because it appeared in advertisements in all kinds of media and because it was very cheap. The typical.

That brand was Ionos by 1and1 that gave a terrible service, something that has paid for it with a bad reputation that continues to this day, although it no longer has anything to do with what it was in those days.

At first, there were no problems, but after a while, when we already had days with 200-300 visits, the problems began.

Few website crashes happened. The support only knew how to tell us to reduce the number of plugins. Using no more than 10 is an absurd guideline and an easy excuse because the consumption of resources does not depend on the number of them, yes, not of the load that each one supposes.

Over time We learned that the problem was not that. The problem was servers overloaded with clients and support staff with a too low-skilled profile (due to labor costs).

That is what happens when a company competes by pulling prices. In general, good options (like those recommended here) start at around $5 – $6 /month. Our advice is that you do not fall below those prices.

Now you will still ask yourself this question: and how does that match with the recommendation of Hostinger and Ionos by 1and1 that offers plans for $1.95/month?

The simple answer: that aggressive price is only for the initial hire. After that period, although they are still cheap, prices move beyond the average price range for quality hosting.

2. Focusing too hard on disk space

The disk space, along with the price, also usually weighs heavily in the purchase decision.

Just 1 Gbyte of space is enough to create a WordPress website with hundreds of pages, which most bloggers will take years to complete. This same blog (built-in 2014) consumes just a little more than a Gbyte.

In other words, “normal” WordPress blog doesn’t consume a lot of space, as long as no aberrational things are done.

Therefore, choosing WordPress hosting over another because one has 5 Gbytes of space and the other 10 Gbytes when the 5 has perhaps more weighty advantages does not make sense.

3. Not appreciating the support enough

As we said before, in hosting, sometimes again problems will arise. Nothing happens if the support is good. Solve them and run. But things that good support solves in a moment will make you lose hours and hours in bad support. We assure you that you end up unhinged.

Therefore, leaning towards poor quality WordPress hosting (which typically fail, especially in the support) to save two or three euros a month is excellent foolishness if your website is more than a toy for you.

4. Discard a hosting for not giving support via telephone

Discarding WordPress hosting or hosting because simply you do not have support via phone (or chat) is another blunder.

An effective ticket or chat system makes it more than expendable. But, above all, the phone consumes much more time for both parties than putting up a simple ticket. Therefore, sometimes it even becomes counterproductive.

The reason is that customers often are not professional enough to contain their impatience with incidents, and they get too “heavy with the technicians. The result is that they hamper the technicians and, in the end, everyone wastes time.

What is the best cheap WordPress hosting?

First of all, all of the hosting options discussed here are cheap WordPress hosting.

Although there is no “official” definition of cheap hosting, we can consider affordable hosting any web hosting service below $12 per month. As you can see, they all meet them:

In terms of quality and set of benefits, as you have seen in the comparison, all the hosting companies are good alternatives, with their nuances in terms of specific strengths and weaknesses.

The choice will depend on what you need for your specific circumstances.

For example: if you are starting and, in addition, you will create a website with professional use, We would opt more for Webempresa or SiteGround for offering plans with support for WordPress. So you will be covered for any problem, even if it is not the hosting, but WordPress.

If you have some fluency with WordPress and its technical side, you can get a similar level of service for a little less money with Raiola Networks, but without WordPress support.

And if you prioritize the lowest price, Hostinger or Ionos by 1and1 will be one of the few “decent” options that you can find in the segment of the most aggressive offers.

What is the best Hosting for WooCommerce?

As you probably already know, e-commerce and, in particular, online stores have exploded. Last year it had a turnover of 1,655 billion dollars worldwide, and it is expected that in 2023 it will exceed 2,272 billion dollars.

Far from damaging this sector, the pandemic has even boosted it, even more, something that, in reality, has all the logic.

So it would not be strange if you want to know which is the best hosting for WooCommerce since WooCommerce is the absolute world leader no longer as a WordPress plugin for online stores, but as an online store platform as such.

Here, by the way, We leave you an exciting read in case you still don’t know much about this plugin:

What then is the best hosting for WooCommerce?

Being WooCommerce a plugin for WordPress, from a technical point of view, a good hosting for WordPress is also for WooCommerce.

Now, what I would significantly value is that the hosting in question offers specific support for WooCommerce. And this, today, you can find in very few providers, being one of these few Webempresa.

Answers to frequently asked questions

And finally, We want to take the opportunity to answer some questions that are recurrent when it comes to WordPress hosting .

How to buy a WordPress domain and hosting (what is the process)?

Buying a domain and hosting for WordPress is a simple and immediate process .

What you have to know is that the domain can be purchased together or separately from the hosting . Normally, with a maximum of one or two websites, it is recommended that you do not complicate yourself and hire both things from the same provider.

If you have more than two websites and you use different hostings and / or you plan to move websites between them, you may be more interested in buying the domain with one provider and the hosting with another.

The providers we personally use for domains are Hostinger , GoDaddy, and Namecheap . A good alternative is also Porkbun .

In this video you can see the process of how to contract a domain and hosting for WordPress in Webempresa, along with a discount. In other providers the process is very similar:

How much disk space does WordPress need?

A newly created WordPress blog takes up very little space, between the files and the database approximately 20Mb .

From here, the consumption per post or page will depend fundamentally on the images. That is, the text occupies very little, it can almost be neglected. A blog that did not use images, even with a small disk space, say 100Mb, would have hundreds of posts.

Therefore, the critical thing is that you optimize the images since they are usually shot in size due to the very high resolutions used today by mobile cameras, etc.

An image adjusted to a reasonable size for use on the web (around 1000 pixels wide maximum) should not weigh much more than 150-200Kb .

If we assume an average consumption of space per image of about 250Kb (keep in mind that WordPress automatically creates versions in smaller sizes of each image), it means that with 1Mb of space we could store 4 images .

That is, with only 1Gb of disk space , we would have around 4,000 images if they are managed diligently. You will have for a good time …

However, if the images are uploaded “bareback” we can easily be talking about a 10-20 times greater space consumption (!). In addition, it is not only a matter of consumption of disk space on the hosting server, but also of slowing down the loading of the pages that use such heavy images.

That is, as you can see, the question is not so much how much space you have, but how diligently you use it .


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